High Acres Farm is a platform for experimental agriculture — offering space and support to resonant people and projects who are exploring new ways of working with nature.

Maple Sugaring

Each spring, we tap several dozen maple trees in the hilly sugarbush located near the southern edge of our land. Property Manager Jeff Herzberger patiently gathers the sap into buckets, and using the farm tractor, brings it to the cozy “Sugarhouse” that he created in 2022 by transforming our old 1950s dog kennel that had been sitting dormant for decades.

After boiling the sap for many hours on a wood stove, and then finishing it in the kitchen over a more precise propane flame, he transfers the delicious golden-brown maple syrup into small mason jars that we offer to our guests — giving them the chance to experience a special High Acres Farm pancake breakfast during their stay.


We‘re glad to make High Acres Farm available for a handful of agricultural collaborations.

Each summer, we work with neighboring Shelburne Farms to offer grazing land for their herd of Brown Swiss dairy cows, as well as hay fields for producing extra winter feed.

We also work with Bridport-based Long Cloud Farm to provide seasonal pastureland for their herd of ~500 sheep.

For more than 20 years, we‘ve been supporting Noah Perlut‘s research into the nesting patterns of migratory Bobolink birds by delaying the haying of our lower grasslands until mid-summer.

If you’re interested in exploring an agricultural collaboration with High Acres Farm, please contact us with your ideas.